The founders of ZOOM, Christian Sylt and Caroline Reid, specialise in writing about the business of Formula One and have been doing this for nearly 15 years. They are the only journalists worldwide who regularly write about the F1 industry for national media and their work is published in more than 20 publications every year. They include The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Express, The London Evening Standard, CityAM, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. In addition they edit motorsport reports for The Times and write online for Autoweek and ESPN. They frequently comment on the F1 industry on television for many stations including the BBC, Bloomberg, Channel 4, CNBC, CNN and ITV. See links below to archives of their work.

In addition their company publishes F1’s trade guide Formula Money¬†which was first released in 2007. Its 220 pages contain more than 300 tables and diagrams including a breakdown of every current team sponsorship deal, all race hosting fees, the total resources of each team, and a comparison of team revenue stretching back 20 years. Formula Money also provides data and consultancy to many F1 sponsors, circuits, teams and prospective race promoters.

The sister product to Formula Money, the ROI Review, reveals the value of sponsorship exposure and the cost of every point scored. This work has been expanded to the electric racing series Formula E which Christian and Caroline also write about.

Outside motorsport journalism Christian writes travel features and covers the leisure and movie industries. He also specialises in writing about the business of theme parks and works with sculptor Tom Maley to promote his motorsport-inspired sculptures which have been displayed in the F1 paddock.